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Are you a LOHAS consumer? | The WholeStory Blog


LOHAS is a new group of consumers who follow a "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainable" (hence where the LOHAS acronym comes from).

This new group of consumers consumes in an educated, informed and aware manner, especially when it comes to health and fitness, and social and environmental issues. LOHAS consumers are very mobile and open minded to trying new things and products. I like to think of them as consumers of experiences. 

When searching for new experiences, these individuals are looking for ethical opportunities to explore new cultures and regions. Open-mindedness is a huge characteristic for this group. 

In an age where climate change, corporate power and obesity rule our country, LOHAS consumers are looking to combat this. These consumers are the future of business and are at the forefront of progressive change in environmental, social and economic sectors. 

So are you a LOHAS consumer? Currently, 13-19% of American adults are, right around 41 million people (LOHAS Online). In my eyes, the consumer has never had more power. With the insane amount of options available in this consumer economy, choosing ethical, environmentally and socially responsible products and services is actually making a positive impact.

Will you join?

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