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Daily Destination: Why you Should Visit Colorado | The WholeStory Blog

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Two weeks ago WholeStory's COO traveled to Winter Park, Colorado to test some hammocks in Rocky Mountain National Park. The largest mountain range in North America stretching from New Mexico into Canada, the Rockies are a breathtaking site. 

We realized that any one can be a good photographer with scenery like this. 


Why you should go visit Colorado:

1. Weather

Whether the sun was out shining or hiding behind some clouds, whether it was raining or windy, the weather was always good enough to be outside. Its never too hot or too cold, never raining too hard or too windy. You could never use the weather as an excuse to stay in. Air at 10,000 feet elevation is very thin, so your body needs to adjust...but the air sure is crisp and fresh. 

2. Outdoor Activities 

Every one is outside...always. Hiking, running, mountain biking, Frisbee golf, fly fishing, you want me to keep going? Early morning yoga and massage sessions are held outside as you breath in mountain air and peer out over the Rockies. Evening activities include rodeos, outdoor bars, boat rides and camping. Being in Colorado makes you appreciate the outdoors. If you've recently become appalled at the amount of time you spend indoors or in front of a screen take a vacation to Colorado ASAP.

3. Health

Obviously all the outdoor activities will grant better health to anyone taking part, but the clean eating culture there makes it that much easier to better your eating habits. Restaurants use organic vegetables and grass-fed meat. All super markets carry organic/non-GMO foods. You almost have no other options but to eat healthy. Its almost like going to Europe...overweight Coloradans don't exist. Legalized marijuana also has certain health benefits for people with achy joints, anxiety issues or trouble eating. 

4. Wildlife

Real wildlife. Not things you see in the zoo. Animals actually living out of confinement, on their own. 10 minutes into one of our hikes, we turned a corner and were 15 feet from a 400 pounds moose. He casually continued to graze and carried on, but how often are you able to see wild moose? Driving through Rocky Mountain National Park we saw herds of elk and bear. Things that most people never see in the wild become common sights in Colorado. Bird watching also was entertaining, watching different colors fly from tree to tree above you. 

After living in Boulder, Colorado for a year I will always be a huge advocate of Colorado. Coloradans are genuinely interesting, you will never be bored and no matter the season you can always be active outside. We found that being outside and exercising increased our levels of relaxation while decreasing our stress levels, we felt phenomenal. This is a huge reason why WholeStory encourages trips like these. Find your "relaxation location" and enjoy it. 

We brought along one of our Traditional Large hammocks and brought it one every hike (about 28 miles total). Whenever we had some break time or ate lunch, we would take it out of the backpack hang it using hammock straps for instant relaxation. 


Start your adventure here.

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