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Daily Destination: Why you should visit Patagonia, Chile | The WholeStory Blog

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At WholeStory, we think everyone should see as much as the world as they can. Gain a different perspective on how people live and get out of the suburban or American bubble we sometimes find ourselves living in. Our Daily Destination posts are here to help your desire to travel emerge. It just takes one trip...good luck stopping after that!

Today's destination is Patagonia, Chile.

Patagonia makes up the southern third of Chile. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Patagonia is home to the Andes Mountains, massive glaciers and emerald lakes. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer or not, Patagonia's landscape is mind boggling to anyone. A lively community of penguins, alpaca and whales off the coast offer visitors to see incredible wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Patagonia is broken up into three regions.

  1. Northern Patagonia is made up of the Lakes District. Beginning at Puerto Montt, this area is covered with emerald blue lakes dotted with islands against the Andes Mountain backdrop. Kayaking is a great activity for this area.
  2. Central Patagonia consists of a 620 mile strip of land that runs down the Pacific coast. I had a friend traveling by kayak through the delta area between the coastline and the ocean. As they paddled south they were followed by a group of sperm whales and one other friend...a blue whale. They were within 100 yards of the largest mammal on the planet! 
  3. The southernmost tip of Patagonia is made up of three beautiful cities; Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and Tierra del Fuego. 

                                 Puerto Natales                                                        Punta Arenas                                                  Tierra del Fuego

The cultures of Patagonia range from fisherman and ranchers to gauchos (cowboys) and vineyard farmers. Locals are extremely friendly with tourists and enjoy showing off their land. By this time in your trip you'll most likely be hungry. Seafood and wines are main staples of a Patagonia diet so enjoy food and drink as fresh as it comes. 



From the looks of the landscape, this seems like a perfect place to hang a hammock. Whether your camping under the stars or hanging around an alpaca ranch, a hammock always gives you a place to sleep or relax. Beautiful landscape + Hammock = Relaxation Location.

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